Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Started - Day 31

Yesterday weight: 205.6    Today's weight: 205.4  (started at 235 pounds)

The hot topic lately has been about "meat" and "protein".   Every other day someone is saying, "Dan, where do you get your protein?".  "Dan, I'm concerned you aren't getting enough protein." 

I obviously have muscle mass, but with my new eating habits people are very curious on how I get my protein.  Protein comes from 2 sources:  Animals and Plants.   Protein is just the middle-man for Amino Acids.  Protein is broken down into Amino-Acids.  Guess what?  Every single Amino Acid the human body needs is found in fruits and veggies!   Huh?  Say what?  Are you kidding me?  No way!  Yea, but, but, but, the dairy industry says....but, but, but, the meat industry says.....but, but, but, my mom and dad says...but, but, but.  Fruits and vegetables?  Are you sure?

Where does a Buffalo get their protein?  Where does a Elephant get their protein?  How about a cow?  Where does a Gorilla get their protein?   Well they don't eat meat or dairy so where do they get there protein?  Hmmmm......

Visit my meat and protein blog for the answers:  CLICK HERE


  1. Awesome blog!!! Where did you go though??? You left me hanging:O)P

  2. Did you know that those animals digest food differently? Your last paragraph makes no sense because of this.