Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting Started - Day 4

Yesterday Weight: 215    Today's Weight: 214    Still losing 1 pound per day while eating like an ape.

I love it!  I am able to eat and drink as much as I want and still lose weight!   Energy levels are awesome!  I have not been sick with anything for the first time in years during the winter season.  No flue shots, no pills.  Just good nutrition.  I have found it very interesting lately on how many personal trainers know very little about nutrition.  They know how to make great work out programs & they know about  fats, carbs, proteins and calories, but they don't understand the nutrition of what we eat.  Almost everyone I have met thinks we need dairy (milk, cheese, yogort, whey) and  meat to get our protein.  They don't realize the harm that those things cause the inside of our bodies.  Protein from plant sources are optimal and plants don't poison your body.  It's the same things for medical doctor's.  In fact, doctor's are even worse when it comes to nutrition.  Medical doctor's often get very little or no education about nutrition.  Doctor's are great at prescribing pills and treating (covering up) a symptom.  My Doctor was blown away at the results of my blood work and couldn't believe that in less than a month from eliminating dairy and meat that my cholesterol would drop 200 points and my blood pressure drop from very high to very good.  Okay, that was just my little rant.....please make sure to check out my video blog:


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