Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting Started - Day 24

Yesterday weight: 206.8    Today's weight: 206.5

Research, research, research, study, study, study, experiment, experiment, experiment.  Other than looking for a job that is all I seem to do these days.   I continue to be blown away on how people talk about health for other people, but fail to look at their own health.  I was eating with some family the other day and they were talking about how "such and such" should  change their diet because of how they eat and/or how big they are.  Of course they are saying this as they are chomping down on some greasy or fried food.  I'm thinking "are you even aware of what you're eating?".  I didn't say a word and just ponder about what they say.  

I am not a doctor or "expert" and currently do not have a degree in nutrition, but I certainly know tons more about nutrition than they do and even doctors.  Most doctor's don't get any education on nutrition and the ones that do get like a couple hours worth. Hundreds of hours of research and studying have made me quite educated.  I am strongly considering getting my degree in nutrition so I have a "tag" and then people might listen.   I had one person telling me that drinking 32oz of milk is the same thing as drinking 32oz of water.  "Liquid is liquid".    Yea, liquid is liquid, but milk is not water.  You will get a small amount of water from the milk, but to think it's "same for same" is just crazy.  Yes, we do get some water from fruits, veggies, juices, foods, etc.  But we still need lot's of water.    Sickness, fatness, disease everywhere and it's all curable and 99% of the people don't know or don't care.  Crazy!  Enough of my rant on that....


  1. I am firmly thinking about getting my level throughout nourishment and so i possess a "tag" and after that individuals may well listen. I had created one person telling me in which having 32oz involving whole milk is identical factor while having 32oz water. "Liquid is actually liquid".

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