Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting Started - Day 8

Day 8:   Yesterday weight: 211   Today's weight: 210  Amazing.

Eventually my weight loss will slow down and that's okay because my goal is to lose my weight slowly and healthy.  I ate like a horse yesterday.  I even ate late at night having 2 garden burgers with salsa on top and a huge salad.  I typically don't want to eat at 9:30 at night, but I really felt like I needed to listen to my body and it all turned out okay!

I have had almost 2 dozen people now email me and ask me how to get started and they are slowly getting on their way.  They eventually watched some documentaries and thanked me for pushing the truth.  I had another friend who keeps saying he will watch them and he just got diagnosed with diabetes.  I made him a green smoothie yesterday and he and his daughters loved it!  I know dozens more that keep saying they will watch some documentaries.  I will continue to be a living testimony along with hundreds of others and get the truth out there.  Eventually, I am going to write a book and create a 30 day or 60 day challenge that will turn anyone's life around.  Look, this way of living works.  No question.  It's not a diet, it's not a fad.  It's a way of life. I mean my story is no different than thousands of others.  

In 30 days I was able to avoid medication for my high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes symptoms.  All reversed!  In the same time I no longer have sleep apnea and I sleep better without the machine!  My energy makes me think I am in college again.  My liver damage is reversing.  My skin is more clear.  I swear my eye sight and hearing are better and I am getting those checked out.  My wife thinks I'm a new man.  We don't need "super pills" or "super juices"  or "super powders" from a bottle sold from big companies like MonaVie, Herbal Life, AdvoCare, Kyani, Xango, Vemma, etc., etc. I mean there are numerous studies showing just eating a fresh apple will give you more antioxidants.  Combine the apple with fresh fruits and veggies and no bottled juice on the planet can come close to touching fresh plant food from mother nature.  For the cost of the pills, juices and powders these multi-level marketing companies sell you, you can buy much more amount of fresh produce that lasts much longer and is much healthier.  I know about 30 people who sell these "super juices" and "pills" and "powders" and I can tell you that everyone one of them are fat except one.  I love these people and most of them sincerely mean well, but there is a much healthier and cheaper alternative.  I know most of them sell the product for the money and I understand it's a business.  However, if they TRULY did the research and study and became an authority about nutrition they would know that none of the stuff they sell compares to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Here is the link to a free and great documentary and a must see:
Click Here and watch this...


  1. Are you only using a Vitamix? If I ordered one of those instead of both a blender and juicer, could I get by?

    1. I have a juicer and vita-mix and I use them both almost daily. My Vita-Mix I use daily and my juicer about 5 days per week. Of course you could get by with just a Vita-Mix. Just make sure you "chew" your smoothie (read some of my past blogs). A vita-mix is a commercial grade blender. I personally don't do it, but some people use their vita-mix for their juice. They blend up the veggies and fruits they want and then they pour the mixture into a cheese cloth or some other type of cloth and squeeze out all the juice. You can certainly do this, but it seems messy to me and I prefer to use my juicer for juice. Hope this helps? Please feel free to ask any other questions....Good Luck!

  2. thank you for the documentary links! I am day 11 and 15 lbs down!!!