Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting Started - Day 25

Yesterday weight: 206.5     Today's weight: 206.3

The other day I shared with my brothers that I plan on dropping down to 170.  One of them told me there is no way I can ever get there.  I love it when people say just the right thing to light my fire further.  Soon I will go from one of the heaviest in my family down to the lightest and healthiest. I just smile as I know what changes have and are taking place in my body.  Obesity, high blood pressure, cancer are just some of the things that happen and will continue to happen to people in my family.  Most of them continue to eat the same way they were raised which is SAD (standard american diet).  Very unhealthy and it's very obvious within my own family.  Hopefully sooner than later people will wake up and take their health seriously.  Unfortunately, stubbornness is strong in my family so people refuse to change their ways and everyone thinks they are smarter than the other person (LOL) they continue to get fatter and fatter.  What they think they know as truth is a lie.  I grew up listening to the same things and taught the same things.  I can only hope that people will be willing to research the truth that is now backed by medical and scientific evidence before something terrible happens to their body as a result from their food choices.  I have met numerous people lately who knows someone that has or had cancer or heart disease.
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  1. I'm going thru the same thing with my wife...she eats like a 2 year old. She has tried a couple of my fresh juices, but you get the yuck face right away...hope she comes around