Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting Started - Day 3

Yesterday Weight: 216   Today's Weight: 215

2 lbs lost in 2 days isn't too bad on this new journey.  Hey if that kind of rate keeps up for a month I'm gonna be crushing my goal way before June!  I've been stuffing myself and I'm losing weight and feeling great.  People on the SAD (Standard American Diet) are missing out!  I mean geez, just over a month ago I was about 235lbs and lost almost 20lbs in 30 days simply by eliminating most meat and dairy!  Now with all this nutrition going into my body I feel so freaking amazing!

I have received several emails from people about "protein" and wondering if I can get enough protein on a plant based diet.  The answer is YES.  Many people think protein can only come from meat, eggs, dairy or whey, and that without eating at least some of those foods, they won't get enough. Actually every living cell contains protein, especially plants/vegetables, seeds, nuts, seaweeds and algae. It is reported that for humans to stay healthy we need about 6% of our daily calories to come from protein (Other associations say we only truly need 4%).  In the raw, fruits contain 5%, vegetables contain 20-50%, and sprouted seeds/nuts contain 10-25% of their calories from protein. So if you are eating a raw food lifestyle, you are getting more than enough protein. Scientific studies show the daily need for protein is around 25-35 grams per day. If you eat 2,000 calories per day on a raw plant foods lifestyle that had an average of 10% of their calories from protein, 200 calories would be protein (or 50 grams), more than an adequate amount. As a matter of fact, your body doesn't use whole proteins, it has to break them down into amino acids. Plant proteins break down for assimilation more quickly than animal proteins and they are typically found already in the amino acid form.

Cows, horses, deers, elephants, and gorillas are natural vegetarians. Does anyone ever wonder where they get all their muscle and body mass from? Grass, leafy greens, and in the case of the gorilla, fruit! The meat and dairy industries spend millions on advertising trying to convince people the only way to get protein is from meat and dairy products, and they are obviously very successful. Your body needs 22 amino acids in order to build protein molecules and muscles. Of the 22 amino acids, there are 8 that the body cannot make and has to get from outside sources. All the 8 amino acids are available in raw plant foods, plus they are in a form, which is easily assimilated into the body. All the protein needed by your body can be received from raw nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. Here are some great videos about protein on my other page:

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  1. The protein argument. And both sides take it out of context in many ways. MEAT can give you very high quality protein, it tastes fantastic and can be very healthy. The problem today with meat proteins is that they are mostly full of the crap that farmers put in their foods, chemicals and hormones etc. So you end up taking those harmful toxins into your body. Also a lot of meats are highly processed.

    The way in which a lot of food is cooked, prepared etc will alter how good the meat is for you.

    I simply like meat and will never stop eating it. I also eat a lot of other protein sources, dairy, seeds, nuts and vegetables. My diet is mixed.

    Plants, seeds etc can give you lots of protein and the reason that most people won't understand this is ignorance but also has something to do with the FACT that a lot of people that are all PRO SEEDS NUTS AND VEGGIES, like the person writing this diary of his weight loss, is that they get in your face about it too much and overly push their opinions without actually accepting the opinions of others. Like all meat eaters are idiots and don't know anything whilst taking a high and mighty approach just because they eat seeds. This is not a good way to get your point across. It's ignorant and uneducated.

    Another factor is that whilst BIG animals consume large amounts of protein to maintain bulk, COWS that eat grass for example. They do actually have to eat a far higher ratio than what I human can possible eat. Vegetables can contain protein but you have to eat a lot of it to get a lot of protein. Meat contains a very high protein content compared to the same physical size of a protein laden vegetable.

    Most people don't want to be eating 3lbs of vegetables in one sitting.

    The whole point with diet and nutrition is this, don't eat processed foods as much as possible. almost impossible if you ever go out to eat. Make sure you are actually getting a lot of vegetables in your diet, the 5 a day thing is the minimum that you should be eating. 10 portions a day is ideal.

    Nuts and seeds should be included into the diet as well as fruit.

    Cut out dairy as much as possible. Moderation is KEY.

    It really is that simple and it does not require extremes and it does not require over inflated opinions like the person writing this article.

    There is NO absolute right 100% way of eating healthy. But having a varied diet is certainly the most key element here.