Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting Started - Day 22

Yesterday weight: 207.2   Today's weight: 207 

People often ask me what exactly do I eat.  My current food consumption looks like this:

1. Fruits & Veggies 85%-90%.
2. Legumes, Seeds, Nuts & Whole Grains 10%-15%.

If you want to lose some weight fast for an upcoming event, follow a 100% plant based diet made up mostly of fruits and veggies with lots of water consumption.  If you do this you will watch the weight and inches melt before your eyes.  But WARNING: You will likely have a big increase in energy, sleep better and feel like a new person.  Eat lots of fresh fruit. Have unlimited salads loaded with your favorite veggies.  Make delicious salad dressings. You can feast like a king and lose weight!  Interested in taking a 10 day challenge?  Then message me and let me know.  If you need some motivation, please go watch some of these videos:


  1. I totally agree! A whole foods plant based life-style is so invigorating! So happy for you and your happy realization!

  2. Any chance of posting a section on salad dressing recipes like you did for the juices? Thanks and keep up the good work. I'm really enjoying your blog! :)

  3. I feel pretty stupid becuase I could not figure out how to email you, but I have been really thinking about starting this diet a lot lately and wanted to take you up on your 10 day challenge. I want to clean out my system, get healthy, and lose about 40lbs. I too have history or all sorts of health and heart and other problems in my family. So how do I do the challenge?

  4. I feel pretty silly becuase I possibly could not necessarily learn how to email you, however i happen to be genuinely considering beginning the diet program a whole lot recently and also wished to take you on your own 10 day time obstacle. I want to cleanse my own technique, improve your health, and shed concerning 40lbs. We way too have got historical past or even a variety of health and cardiovascular and other issues in my loved ones. Just how will i perform the obstacle?
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